• Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson – Mayor of London

    Michelle Thompson was recently asked to use her wonderful collage skills to create illustrations for the Mayor of London’s Cultural Tourism Event which took place yesterday. The images adorned the invites, promotional material and can be seen on the London Gov website.

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  • Sarah Maycock

    Sarah Maycock – Kinfolk

    Issue Fifteen of Kinfolk magazine is all about entrepreneurs. Exploring the motivation and innovation that drives the spirit of entrepreneurship in our workplaces and leisure time.

    To bring to life a series of interviews and features on a number of successful entrepreneurs, the magazine asked Sarah Maycock to create a number of illustrations focusing on the both workplace and portraits of the people who drive the businesses.

    It’s a beautiful little collection of work and looks all the better lovingly printed on the pages of one of the best looking magazines around. You can pick up your own copy here.

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  • Jean Jullien

    Jean Jullien portraits for Ace & Tate Berlin

    Jean Jullien illustrated this quirky set of characters for glasses company Ace & Tate. Each one representing one of their key SS15 frames. The illustrations were exhibited at the re-opening of their pop-up store in Berlin. Open to the public until the 23rd May 2015, head over to Torstraße 66, Mitte, Berlin if you want to see Jean’s work and those beautiful frames, all of which are priced at €98.

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  • Kate Sutton

    Kate Sutton – V&A Museum of Childhood

    A charming new outdoor campaign from AMV BBDO for the V&A Museum of Childhood went live this week, featuring our very own Kate Sutton. The project reimagines the Tower Hamlets borough in London’s east end as one gigantic playground. Kate was one of a number of artists and illustrators approached and asked to create something big and playful to be plastered onto the streets surrounding the museum. Kate’s snake takes pride of place in the nearby railway arches.

    The campaign titled “See the world through a child’s eyes,”  saw AMV scouring the borough to find interesting objects and spaces and using them as canvasses on which to channel their child-like imaginations and reinterpret the areas as something innocent and beautiful. A drain has become a fire engine, a fountain the blow-hole of an enormous whale, and a lamppost transforms into a monkey bar. Other artists included in the project include Martha Orzel, Greg Abbot, Rob Flowers, Paul Pateman, Serge Seidlitz, Mick Marston, Andrew Rae, Sergio Mora Thiago de Moraes, Andy Clough and Dalatando Almeida. You can see all of the work here.

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  • MaricorMaricar

    MaricorMaricar – Mosaic Science

    MaricorMaricar were recently asked my Mosaic Science to take on a brief about ovarian cancer. Using unconventional embroidery fabrics and thread material along with some beautiful sewing and three dimensional touches they were able to create a series of delicate images to accompany the article which can be read here.




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