• Jan Kallwejt

    Jan Kallwejt – Professional Manager

    When Professional Manager got in touch with us they already had the perfect man for the job in mind, Jan Kallwejt. Luckily he was available and ready to get to work on creating a number of illustrations for the magazine which not only included a lovely double page spread but some wonderful character designs that help us understand the moral DNA of managers and how they are perceived.

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  • Martina Flor

    Martina Flor – Letter Collections

    I think it’s fair to say that we all love a bit of good post, that moment when you spot that something special has arrived through your letterbox or on your desk can be a great thing. Imagine that the something special was a postcard adorned with the beautiful talents of HF’s Martina Flor!

    After an intense year working on various projects and inspired after reading an article by Tobias van Schneider at Spotify, Martina decided to look at developing a project that would specifically allow her to look up and connect with people. This became the ethos of ‘Letter Collections’, a project that will involve Martina sending 100 people around the world a piece of her work in the form of a postcard.

    The postcards will be addressed to friends, family, strangers and to people that Martina would generally like to say hello to.  However, by visiting the website anyone will also be able to send the postcard to other friends with their own message.

    Check out the website- www.lettercollections.com

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  • Helen Musselwhite

    H.Samuel and Ernest Jones Autumn/Winter Lookbook illustrations by Helen Musselwhite

    Helen Musselwhite has been working her socks off on a Fairy Tale themed campaign for Signet jewellery. In total she created six sets for the H.Samuel and Ernest Jones Autumn/Winter Lookbook. Helen gets to work with some fantastic photographers and this time was no exception - still life photographer Paul Zak, who helped dress each set with various items of jewellery. We’ve also included some behind the scene shots, so do click all the way through.

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  • Alexandra Bruel

    Alexandra Bruel modelling clay illustration

    Here’s a few shots from a recent project with modelling clay illustrator Alexandra Bruel, including some of the initial development work she created. To save time, Alexandra always puts together a mood board for her pieces and, which also includes colour swatches. Once approved she creates the final piece from modelling clay (which hardens over time) and photographs it, either at her studio, or with a professional photographer. This particular piece was for Endless Vacation magazine, for a Travel Health article on ticks. 

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  • Malika Favre

    Malika Favre – Pullman magazine

    Pullman magazine is a bi annual magazine from the luxury hotel group Pullman. The theme of the latest issue is ‘extraordinary travellers’ which required some Malika Favre magic to tell the story of a modern man travelling the world as a connoisseur.

    Through a wonderful series of illustrations we see our protagonist enjoying the luxury of the exotic hotels while being always prepared for the adventure that awaits. Each illustration depicts a different location and moment in time giving the viewer a glimpse into our adventurer’s lifestyle.

    The illustrations not only contain Malika’s elegant approach to a retro feel of class but her own influences from travelling around Asia last year.

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