• Paul Thurlby

    Paul Thurlby – L is for London

    Paul Thurlby has recently finished his latest book and we’re delighted to bring you a sneak preview. L is for London takes readers on an illustrated alphabet tour through our fair capital city, taking in a few familiar faces along the way. It’s Paul’s 4th children’s book published by Hodder and will be on sale from October.

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  • Sarah Maycock

    Sarah Maycock – Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard (London)

    Occupying the 34th to 52nd floors of architect Renzo Piano’s iconic Shard building, clients don’t get much more glamorous than the Shangri-La Hotel London. As relative newcomers to the neighbourhood, the owners of the luxury hotel wanted to create a book that celebrates all of the best things in SE1.

    Sarah Maycock was tasked with creating the centre piece to the book. A double page map detailing all of the star attractions surrounding The Shard, from Shakespeare’s Globe theatre to the wine lovers paradise Vinopolis. Each building drawn separately in Sarah’s lovely hand rendered style and then added to the map.

    Art direction by our good friends at Wordsearch.

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  • Paul Blow

    The Household Spirit

    Adorning the front of the new Jonathan Cape novel titled ‘The Household Spirit’ is none other than HF’s Paul Blow.

    Paul’s strong colour palettes and infamous mark making were what got the attention of Random House who were looking to employ these techniques to formally introduce us to two characters called Howie Jeffries and Emily Phane. The pair live side by side in adjoining houses but without any contact with each other for decades, it’s only when tragedy trikes that they are brought together to face a number of their issues. In doing so they learn about fishing, true love, bad art, fatherhood, grandfatherhood, psychedelic drugs, loss and what it means to be happy.

    Sounds like quite the journey!

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  • Hey

    Uniqlo t-shirts by Hey

    Uniqlo commissioned Hey to create a series of tshirts, portraying different cities around the world. Featuring bright colours, bold shapes and iconic landmarks, the tshirts are on-sale now in Uniqlo stores.

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  • Jonathan Burton

    The Adventure of Arrack

    If you didn’t know, Ceylon Arrack is a traditional Sri Lankan spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower. The company had a story to tell of its historic past and how the company came to be today, so commissioned Winkreative to create a book for them. In-turn, Winkreative commissioned Jonathan Burton to create a series of illustrations for the book, which included a wide variety of subject matter from the island of Sri Lanka and the Rockland Distillery.

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