• David Sparshott Jean Jullien Joel Penkman

    FT Weekend Food Writing Special

    Thanks to the lovely team behind the Financial Times Weekend magazine and a handful of HF’s finest the bank holiday weekend could not have started any better visually.

    A few weeks ago we received a request each for David Sparshott, Jean Jullien and Joël Penkman to create something for the Food Writing Special that accompanied the Financial Times on newsstands over the weekend.

    Jean produced a wonderful cover drenched in his signature style, David applied his hand drawn approach to a collection of wild ingredients and Joël did what she does best with a sensational painting of a glass of cola.

    It’s great to see a small HF showcase within a publication.

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  • Sarah Tanat-Jones

    Sarah Tanat Jones – Casa Brutus

    Casa Brutus is a monthly Japanese design publication, the title recently got in touch wanting a cover that in a nutshell screamed ‘Good Morning!’ from our Sarah Tanat Jones.

    Using the staple of any good breakfast Sarah depicted a fried egg as the main component applying her signature approach to mark marking throughout the cover.


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  • Sarah Maycock

    Sarah Maycock – Leinster Square illustrations

    When One Big Company and Alchemi Group were working on a brochure for a luxury property development in Leinster Square, they approached us about commissioning Sarah Maycock. The brief was to create an illustrated map of London, an illustration of the building facade, plus various other illustrations to highlight local interests and amenities. Sarah was sent a selection of reference images to work from and set about creating these stunning illustrations, which One Big Company then incorporated into the incredibly stylish brochure and accompanying website: www.leinstersquarew2.com

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  • Tim McDonagh

    Tim McDonagh – Sport Magazine

    For all those eagerly awaiting the start of the premiership Tim McDonagh has contributed a series of beautifully crafted illustrations for today’s issue of Sport Magazine.

    Tim’s easily recognisable cover will be distributed all around London tube stations today – grab a copy and look at the visual glory for yourself!

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  • Jean Jullien

    Jean Jullien – Puss Puss Magazine

    One for feline lovers this morning as Jean Jullien has contributed three hilarious cat portraits to the first issue of PUSS PUSS magazine – a stylish new publication covering culture, fashion , music and of course, catlovers!

    Ladies & gentlemen we give you Grumpy Cat, Lil’ Bub and our personal favourite Colonel Meow.


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