• Thomas Danthony

    Thomas Danthony – Arte

    We are making today Film buff Friday with this beautiful series from Thomas Danthony commissioned by Arte for Le Printemps du Polar.

    To celebrate a month of homages to film noir with classic movies Thomas encapsulated the narrative of each film into a single image. The films portrayed include The Black Dahlia, Chinatown, Serpico, Classe Tous Risques, Quai Des Orfevres, and L.627.



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  • Paul Thurlby

    Pimm’s bottle artwork by Paul Thurlby

    With the launch of a special edition of Pimm’s this summer, Mother London asked Paul Thurlby to create artwork for the new bottle. The flavour in question was Strawberry (with a hint of mint), which along with the British countryside, Paul used as his inspiration for his illustrations. Twenty signed prints were also created for the campaign, which will be given away to promote the launch.

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  • Martina Flor

    Martina Flor – Lettering Love

    This one is for all you type fans out there, HF’s Martina Flor has recently started a small collaboration with online broadcasting channel Creative Live. Martina will be designing wallpapers based on a particular month’s theme that you lovely internet people can download for free from the CL website –  http://blog.creativelive.com/lettering-love-desktop-wallpaper/

    The first theme is ‘Lettering Love’ and if the free download wasn’t enough you can view a little video about the making of process too. Check that out here- http://vimeo.com/123647384

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  • Emma Kelly

    The Paris Portfolio by Emma Kelly

    Real Estate company Chelsfield were putting together a portfolio of their Parisian assets, which included luxury retail stores and office spaces. After working with a professional photographer to shoot the stunning architecture, they commissioned Emma Kelly to create nine illustrations of key exteriors. Working from the photographs, Emma would first draw a pencil sketch, then once approved, ink-up the final drawing. Emma often adds a colour wash to her work, but in this instance B&W line detailing was all that was required.

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  • Andrew Lyons

    Andrew Lyons – Afterschool

    Washington based information graphics firm, Graphicacy approached us last year looking for an illustrator.  They were producing the first of a series of long-form information graphics about the benefits of AfterSchool Programs for an educational foundation. After some discussion they decided that Andrew Lyons was the prefect man for the job and set about briefing him in to create the illustrations. Here’s what he created.




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