• Thomas Burden

    Thomas Burden – Imbibe Magazine

    Someone who is no stranger to creating the odd neon based image is our Thomas Burden, he’s become quite the go to guy on the subject and so it was no surprise when Imbibe were looking for such an image he was top of their list.

    Thomas created this typographic solution for the cover of this issue which features an article that will help us fill our glasses with more of the good stuff. Cheers!

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  • Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson – The Treasurer

    The team at Think Publishing really like how Michelle Thompson works, they were in touch recently to see if Michelle would be kind enough to grace the cover of The Treasurer with her collage skills. Of course she was happy to help them out with this mix of tonal imagery to create an image that they were very pleased with.

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  • David Sparshott Matt Murphy

    David Sparshott & Matt Murphy – SHOP

    The great thing about working with SHOP magazine is that they get our illustrators to put their lovely artwork on a range of their covers, it’s a pretty good deal.

    Here we have the first instalment from David Sparshott and Matt Murphy, David created this elegant fashion-led hand drawn piece for the Italy edition showing how to dress like a classic Italian woman where as Matt produced a beautifully coloured surreal piece that depicts a creative thought from a fashion designer for their Belgium edition.

    Expect more lovely SHOP covers from our talented bunch soon.

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  • Thomas Burden

    Thomas Burden – The New Yorker

    Thomas Burden is a creative who can render pretty much anything, this was music to the ears of The New Yorker when they recently asked if he could come up with an illustration for their Critic’s review feature which looked at a book called ‘The Copyright Wars’ by Luke Menand.

    The piece is quite different from the other pieces in Thomas’s portfolio which we highly recommend you take a look through.

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  • Hey

    Hey – Lost In The Train Station

    It’ s great to see our artists’s work brought to life, which is exactly what happens in this animation ‘Lost In The Train Station’  by Yago Basquets created from Hey’s original artwork produced for Monocle.

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