• Joel Penkman

    Joël Penkman – a2 Milk Campaign

    Joël Penkman has created a series of paintings as part of a new ad campaign for the a2 Milk Company.

    Joël was asked to paint four images using her trademark egg tempera paint style, to accompany four “astonishing stories” in the form of a2’s customer testimonials. Her paintings depict one image from each story, a milkshake, some indigestion tablets, a baby monitor and a big pair of knickers.  Each of the four executions recount the stories (spoiler alert: all stories feature milk), with Joël’s work as the hero image.

    Commenting on the choice of creative, Scott Wotherspoon CEO of a2 Milk said they wanted someone who could, “retell real consumer stories in an authentic, engaging and visually arresting way.” Joël’s work worked in prefect harmony with the short stories.

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  • Hey

    CNIM Annual Report by Hey

    Parisian agency Babel commissioned Hey to create a series of illustrations for the CNIM annual report. Each double page spread featured two striking illustrations that focused on the various industrial activities the company are involved with and the advanced technologies they use.

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  • Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson – Washington Post Arts & Style

    All over the current front cover of the Washington Post Arts & Style is none other than our Michelle Thompson.

    The Washington Post called on Michelle to create an image that encapsulated the story behind Confirmation, a film about Clarence Thomas, a federal judge and one of his employees Anita Hill.

    The conversational film will debut on April 16th on HBO.

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  • Joel Penkman

    Joel Penkman – Curious Feast

    Curious Feast is a project from Princeton Architectural Press which is perfect for all you food and art lovers. The beautiful box contains one hundred postcards from ten artists exploring the subject of food through various mediums and techniques. Amongst the ten artists you’ll be able to spot the wonderful paintings from our resident food illustrator Joël Penkman which we are sure will leave your stomach rumbling.

    The postcards are accompanied by a booklet which provides information on the creative processes and cooking styles from each contributor, a lovely touch. The ‘Curious Feast’ box is available as of today, be sure to order yourself a copy!

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  • Sarah Maycock

    Sarah Maycock – Spring time at William & Son

    With Spring upon us William & Son wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate it’s arrival through some beautiful artwork and animation for their website and social channels. With a little help from Material Organisation, Sarah Maycock and a friend of Frank’s we were able to make this request a reality by transforming their flagship store in London into a visual epitome of the season.

    You’ll be able to see some of the isolated assets from Sarah by clicking through the images but be sure to check out the full animation on William & Son’s website and a reformatted version on our Instagram feed.

    Happy Spring!

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