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    Handsome Frank’s Secret 7″s

    Last week saw the culmination of the wonderful Secret 7″ project for 2014. For those of you that don’t know (where have you been?), Secret 7″ is an event that sees 700 designers, illustrators and creatives anonymously producing record sleeves for one of seven chosen tracks. The sleeves then go on exhibition before being sold on Record Store Day with all the profits going to charity. The buyers have no idea who created their sleeve until they get home and open it up.

    Now that the fun and games are over for another year, we can reveal that a number of big hearted illustrators took part and here are the sleeves they produced They were (left to right) Jean Jullien (Get It On, T.Rex), Lesley Barnes (Get It On, T.Rex), Matt Murphy (Team, Lorde), Sarah Maycock (Strange Creatures, Jake Bugg), Paul Thurlby (Get It On, T.Rex), Tim McDonagh (Get It On, T.Rex), Michelle Thompson (Age of Reason, Black Sabbath), Andrew Lyons (Karmacoma, Massive Attack), Matt Saunders (Age of Reason, Black Sabbath) and Stephen Cheetham’s ‘All The Fruits’ (Karmacoma, Massive Attack).

    Hats off and a big round of applause go to Kevin King, Jordan Stokes and the rest of the Secret 7″ team for another cracking year.

  • AnotherExample

    AnotherExample – Adobe UK, Creative Cloud

    To showcase the new 3D printing capabilities of Creative Cloud, Adobe approached 25 innovative 3D designers from around the world and asked them to create their own interpretation of the classic egg. These eggs where then printed in 3D and are now on show at the Adobe Creativity For All pop-up studio in London’s Truman Brewery.

    AnotherExample’s submission for the event played on a typographic adaptation of the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, featuring a glossy black egg floating within an outer shell of type. All egg’s were created on MakerBot 3D printers and the public can win their favourite design via a European wide competition on social media. Search for the hashtag “Creativityforall”

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  • Jean Jullien

    Jean Jullien – Esquire UK (Music issue)

    The latest issue of Esquire UK is all about our favourite subject, music. One article looks in depth at a much asked question, is there a recipe for writing a hit song?

    To accompany this investigative journey through the song writing process, Esquire brought onboard our man Jean Jullien to illustrate the column and bring it to life. Jean, in his unique way, created an opener and a series of spot illustrations to accompany Esquire’s hints and tips on hit making. He also provided a series of portraits of some of the industries biggest names.

    It’s a great article and the illustration really adds an extra dimension. In fact we’ve been so inspired we’re ditching the day job and picking up a guitar instead.

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  • Matt Saunders

    RMB currency illustration for HSBC

    Matt Saunders has been busy illustrating this striking ad for HSBC. For those of you not in the know (we had to Google it) RMB is the official currency of the People’s Republic of China.

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  • Lesley Barnes

    Lesley Barnes – Bombay Stories

    Lesley Barnes recently created this beautifully decadent cover art for a new Vintage edition of the classic Bombay Stories.

    Set in Bombay (obviously), the book is a collection of stories from the cities 1930s and 1940s heyday when it reigned as the cosmopolitan capital of the Subcontinent. With her use of this ever so glamorous peacock pattern, Lesley really captured the mood of the book and the time.


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