• Matt Saunders

    Matt Saunders – Modest Mouse

    Matt Saunders was asked by American indie rockers Modest Mouse to create not one but five posters for their recently announced US tour. Matt’s images have been made into screen prints limited to a run of 100 each and have been specifically designed for each of the venues on the tour. Pick up the bear print if you’re in Athens, Georgia or if you’re feeling saucy why not go to all the shows and get the entire set?


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  • Paul Blow

    Paul Blow – VH1

    We are big music fans here at HF which makes this project by Paul Blow for VH1 even more of a pleasure to bring you. Paul was asked to create the visuals for a new animated short for VH1.com titled “The Complete History of Heavy Metal: Fingers Bloody Fingers” which tells the amazing story of the one and only Toni Iommi.

    This instalment sees Paul’s wonderful mark making brought to life by animator Kee Koo as the infamous guitar player explains how he made the best out of a bad situation. Be sure to see the short here – https://vimeo.com/120351437

    Little fun fact: Did you know Tony’s middle name is FRANK?

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  • Jordan Metcalf

    Jordan Metcalf – The Washington Post

    Every year the Washington Post produces a special issue of their Arts section which features the Kennedy Center Honors, a big art event in Washington, DC. Last year the team decided to include broadsheet spreads on each honoree that would contain beautifully shot black and white photography by Jesse Dittmar but would need some equally beautiful typography to accompany and play off the images.

    Jordan Metcalf was asked to work his magic on the names of the honorees which included Al Green, Tom Hanks, Patricia McBride, Sting and Lily Tomlin. He ended up doing such a good job that he was then asked to take on the title of the section too!




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  • Jordan Metcalf

    Jordan Metcalf – Advertising Age

    A particular hit which landed on desks and screens early this year was the stunning work that Jordan Metcalf created for Advertising Age’s “Top Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century” issue.

    Jordan was commissioned last year to create the cover, ebook cover and two badges for online use to support the realise of the issue. The team at Advertising Age were looking for a very modern and future oriented approach to the typography, well ask and you shall receive.

    The issue contains the top 15 ad campaigns of the 21st Century along with behind the scenes stories of how the groundbreaking BMW Films were created, how the guerrilla tactics of American Legacy Foundation’s Truth campaign inspired, how The Man Your Man Could Smell Like and a Subservient Chicken showed how much fun interactivity could be and why PC vs Mac made comparative advertising not only palatable, but entertaining.

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  • Malika Favre Matt Murphy

    Malika Favre & Matt Murphy – Virgin Atlantic

    This year has kicked off well at HF and judging by the artwork created my Malika Favre and Matt Murphy for Virgin’s 2015 calendar it’s started well for the clients of the airline too.

    The concept of the calendar was to celebrate connections to the routes that Virgin fly to with each month to reflect a particular destination whose characteristics would be beautifully executed by illustrators with suitable styles.

    Malika was chosen to take on the month of March with Miami being the designated location. The team at Virgin felt that the Art Deco architecture, colours and scenery were perfect for her approach and we’d agree!

    Matt was chosen not only to illustrate Detroit which would become the head image for June in the calendar but also the front cover. Many regard Detroit to be the world’s best connecting airport and so the illustration had to reflect this, it was Matt’s use of light and shape that proved key here.

    The cover was to be all about London. The iconic buildings and monuments were included to house the text and show that the capital is where the company calls home.


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