• Thomas Burden

    The filming of Thomas Burden

    A glorious day was spent in Chichester filming 3D illustrator Thomas Burden. Eoin and Angus had devised some ingenious concepts to help explain his work, his process and of course, his cat Cotrez.

    Coming to a (computer) screen near you soon, here’s a sneak-peek at the much awaited Thomas Burden film.

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  • Emma Kelly

    Emma Kelly – The Journal

    Emma Kelly was asked to use her talents to adorn the words of none other than Carl Barat who shares his tips on surviving a tour in this week’s issue of The Journal from Mr Porter.

    The piece includes six images from Emma highlighting her beautiful and recognisable application of mark making which has gone live today!

    Click through to see the images and check out the Mr.Porter website for the complete story.

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  • Kate Sutton

    Kate Sutton – Square Meal Magazine

    There comes a time where it’s worth knowing a good restaurant or two be it for special occasions, catch ups or just for a little treat. Well thanks to the talents of Kate Sutton and the lovely people at Square Meal magazine we can share with you the UK’s top 50 restaurants with this beautifully illustrated food map.

    After looking through Kate’s portfolio Square Meal were keen to get her to create a map that accurately depicts the location of each restaurant adorned with food icons, regional landmarks and characters.

    Anyone else hungry?

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  • Tim McDonagh

    Tim McDonagh – Imbibe Magazine

    Here’s something a little different from Tim McDonagh who was given the task of depicting the concept of drink ideas that we’re importing from the USA for the latest cover of Imbibe. In true Tim style he provided another beautiful pencil sketch which the client was more than happy for him to proceed with. The result shows the majestic lady with a Manhattan in her hand exexcuted with a striking colour palette. Lovely stuff.

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  • Jan Kallwejt

    Jan Kallwejt – Professional Manager

    When Professional Manager got in touch with us they already had the perfect man for the job in mind, Jan Kallwejt. Luckily he was available and ready to get to work on creating a number of illustrations for the magazine which not only included a lovely double page spread but some wonderful character designs that help us understand the moral DNA of managers and how they are perceived.

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