Questions & Answers

So who’s Frank?

Frank was a steam train driver, a local councillor, a keen botanist, a traveller, artist, husband and a Dad. More to the point he was our Grandfather, and a very handsome one at that.

How come you guys aren’t handsome then?

A lot can happen in two generations.

How much does illustration cost?

Well that depends. We'd need to take the following into account.

What are the deliverables?

Firstly, we need to know how many illustrations you require and the style and complexity of those illustrations. Do you know the subject matter? At this point it would be really useful to see some examples from the artist's portfolio that particularly caught your eye. If you could send us some that are of a similar level of complexity to what you're after that would be very helpful. From this information we'll be able to work out how long the work will take the artist.

How their work will be used?

Once we know what we're creating for you we need to discuss how it will be used. Commissioning bespoke illustration doesn't mean you own the work outright, the artist retains the copyright. What you own is a license which states how and where you may use the image they create for you. Therefore we need to establish what those usage terms are. You'll need to tell us which media it be used across (online, print, billboards etc.), where in the world it will be seen, and how long it will be used for. It's a simple equation, the more a piece of work is used the more it will cost. On the flip-side if you place limitations on the use the costs come down.

But I need the freedom to use it however and wherever I want, forever, is that possible?

Yes, we often negotiate all media agreements, extending worldwide in perpetuity. However the artist still retains the copyright.

Ok got it. Are there any additional expenses?

Sometimes a project may call for the artist to travel or for specific materials to be purchased. Other projects might require a photographer, camera crew, retoucher etc. In these cases we will factor in these costs as accurately as possible and include them in our quote.

So what's the damage?

If you can provide us with the above, we'll be able to send you an initial quote pretty quickly. Final costs are dependant on seeing a fully signed off final brief, but our initial quotes are normally very accurate. Then we can get going on the exciting part.

What if my budget is limited, or I can’t afford the quote?

Perhaps we can think around the problem, simplify the brief or reduce the deliverables or usage terms. Sometimes the artist is just so keen to do the job they are willing to reduce the price and we're happy to facilitate that. As long as we feel where possible the artists are paid what they deserve, we're happy.

But I found the perfect illustration on your site already, can I just use that?

Perhaps. It depends on the origins of that illustration and the existing license agreements relating to the image. If the work is free to use then we're happy to discuss a license fee.

If I find an illustrator on your site can’t I just contact them directly?

Our artists benefit hugely from having us working behind the scenes ironing out the nitty gritty and dealing with the admin that comes with briefs and clients. Likewise we invest a huge amount of time in promoting our agency and our illustrators, so it really comes down to good etiquette. If you find our illustrators through us, do the right thing and always come to us first.

Interesting as this all is, I only want to know one thing. Will you represent me?

Potentially, yes. To be honest, as an agency we're currently at a size we're really happy with. That said, it can't hurt to take a look, there's always room for a small one. If you think your work is different from any other artist on our roster and would genuinely add something new to our agency, then by all means please send us a submission. If we like what we see we'll be in touch.