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3D illustrated GIFs by Guillaume Kurkdjian for Den Haag

French illustrator Guillaume Kurkdjian made this set of animated GIFs for the Den Haag, the independent tourist board for The Hague. Each 3D GIF shows a key tourist attraction around the city and are combined on a website that helps you create easy to follow walking guides. You can check out some of the routes here and here

Huffington Post- Guillaume Kurkdijan

Infographics, when done well, can completely bring editorial features to life. They’re increasingly popular too. Not many illustrators or designers show real flair when it comes to the intricate nature of infographics, but when they do the results truly shine. One man who is certainly up to the challenge of condensing tricky information into somewhat beautiful visualised data is Guillaume Kurkdjian, who this year was commissioned by The Huffington Post to work on a guide to making your home greener. The brief was created in partnership with Unilever for The Huffington Post website and saw Guillaume receive a large amount of copy which he began transforming into infographics. He then incorporated some of his trademark isometric magic in the accompanying illustration, which explained how and where we could make the changes that could benefit both our planet and our pockets.

New Signing - Guillaume Kurkdjian

Here at HF Towers we spend a lot of time looking at illustration. So much so, it takes something really special to cut through and make us stand up and take notice. Earlier last month we had just that reaction when we chanced upon the work of Guillaume Kurkdjian. Hearts pounding with illustration love and heads dizzy with excitement we picked up the phone and were delighted to discover that Guillaume is just as nice as he is talented.Illustrator, animator, artist. Guillaume's little geometric worlds really are something to behold and we can't wait to start working with him. So come on, form and orderly queue, who's first?