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Jonathan Burton - 45 Jermyn St

As previously mentioned on this blog, we've been working with Otherway London helping create a beautiful new brand for Fortnum & Mason who have transformed and renamed their historic restaurant as 45 Jerymn Street. The brief demanded 'old-school glamour meets contemporary London' so who better to conjure up images from a golden age of glamour and exquisite dining than our very own Jonathan Burton.

As we learned from Otherway, Jermyn St. is renowned for its heritage in men’s fashion and the key figure in establishing this movement was a fine gent called Beau Brummell, he defined the street and his style and his attitude is still influencing it. So they posed the question to Jonathan, 'What would Beau be doing if he was alive today?'

Jonathan created six portraits of Beau, depicting his eccentric, stylish and forward thinking mentality but bringing it up to date. The wonderfully flamboyant illustrations will be used across the restaurant menus and elsewhere across the building.

Jonathan Burton & Matt Murphy - Ethos Journal

Ethos magazine is a thrice yearly journal, published by Sunday publishing for Serco. The title deals with issues from the public service sector. It's also fantastically art directed and contains some superb commissioned illustration.

In the most recent issue, Handsome Frank's Jonathan Burton and Matt Murphy both contributed stunning imagery.

Jonathan Burton - Ethos

Ethos magazine is a thrice yearly journal, published by Sunday publishing for Serco. The title deals with issues from the public service sector. It's also a rather handsome looking publication and always contains some superb commissioned illustration.In the most recent issue, Jonathan Burton was asked to create a typical school desk as the background to an article about the gap between private and state school provision. He even included the apple a day to keep the teacher away.

The Adventure of Arrack

If you didn't know, Ceylon Arrack is a traditional Sri Lankan spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower. The company had a story to tell of its historic past and how the company came to be today, so commissioned Winkreative to create a book for them. In-turn, Winkreative commissioned Jonathan Burton to create a series of illustrations for the book, which included a wide variety of subject matter from the island of Sri Lanka and the Rockland Distillery.

Jonathan Burton - Mondo

Today is definitely a good day, especially for all you classic horror fans as Jonathan Burton's 'House On Haunted Hill' posters have not only been revealed but they will be available to purchase online at a random time throughout the day.It turns out Mondo have been fans of Jonathan's work for some time (we can't blame them) and couldn't wait to work with the man himself on this film title. Jonathan wanted to capture the film in a fun 'haunted house' atmosphere whilst including some hidden details that won't be revealed but will hopefully jump out to fans of the film which stars Vincent Price in one of his most memorable roles.Be sure to follow Mondo News to find out when you'll be able to grab either the original screen printed poster which is in a limited edition of 200 or the beautiful black and white variant in an edition of 110. Both posters are hand numbered and measure 24" x 36".