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Leonie Bos- Herman Miller

One of the UK’s masters of furniture production, Herman Miller, contacted us this year regarding a commission for their magazine, Living Office. Leonie’s work is predominantly architectural, using a distinct retro aesthetic to convey scenes from enormous buildings and vast skylines to tiny, cluttered rooms. The feature Herman Miller had Leonie in mind for was entitled “Plan for Posterity” which explored how the different ways of working and collaborating affect how a space is designed and used. The article used handpicked research to communicate the changing aesthetic and environments of offices. To bring these somewhat dry but discreetly fascinating facts to life they requested the surreal, bold illustrations of Dutch artist Leonie Bos. With some clear communication between both parties Leonie was able to create imagery of spaces and combine them with simple data elements which ended up making the client very happy indeed. Who ever said articles about office interior data had to be dull?