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Sarah Tanat-Jones- Guardian Guide

As everyone knows, Donald Trump was never going to win the US Election. That would never happen, right? So confident were the Guardian Guide on the eve of the election, they published this cover of Trump “going pop.” In fairness, the reference was to an article about a group of anti-Trump musicians creating music to promote their message. We’re thinking that Sarah’s knack for drawing “The Donald” may just come in handy during the next four years as we certainly won’t be short of articles about the man.

Bake-a-Wish & Fairy

It's always nice when illustration is used to help a good cause, so we were really pleased that Grey London called us up and asked if Sarah Tanat-Jones would like to work with the wonderful Make-a-Wish foundation.

The foundation are encouraging us all to take up our wooden spoons and start spinning our whisks for their annual Bake-A-Wish baking fundraiser. Sarah's illustrations were chosen as the perfect style to promote the event online and are currently running as a digital campaign to drive entrants to get baking. They'll also be used as part of an outdoor campaign later this month.

So what are you waiting for? It's time for you to cook up a storm. Find out more and get involved yourself here.

Sarah Tanat Jones - Scottish Opera

The Scottish Opera were recently in touch with a problem they had come up against, a lovely new production of Carmen that needed beautiful promotional material but no artist to provide them with it. Luckily our Sarah Tanat Jones was able to save the day and give them a series of informative and impactful images that tell the tale of Don José, a naive solder who is seduced by the fiery Gypsy, Carmen. Sarah's illustrations were projected onto the sides of buildings and in public spaces throughout Scotland.

HF Advent Calendar 2014 -December 1st

It's the first day of our HF Christmas countdown, each day we'll bring you a piece of work from one of our talented bunch to take us right up to the big day.First up it's Sarah Tanat Jones with this wonderful collection of interpretations for the colours we can expect to encounter throughout  the festive period. What colours represent a Christmas experience for you?

Happy Halloween

It's all Hallow's Eve and so we'd like to bring you this apt piece from Sarah Tanat Jones and wish you all a happy Halloween. May your evenings be full of costumes, pumpkin carving, tricks and treats.