We do animation too.

From simple GIFs to full-blown TV commercials, we can make illustration move.

We’ve built a trusted network of animators, directors, and studios who can bring your project to life.

Depending on your requirements and budgets, we’ll put together a bespoke team of specialists to partner with your chosen illustrator. Project managing the entire process from storyboard to screen. Let's get things moving!


We’re all big kids at heart, and when things move, they grab our attention. Research has shown that animated content on social media hugely increases engagement. It catches the eye and keeps users watching and reading your message.

jumping animation

What we need to know.

As the cost of animation varies a lot, the more information you can provide us, the better. How long do you want the animation to be? Where will the animation be played (TV, social media?). Does the animation require any voiceover or music?