We are a UK based illustration agency

Like all the best ideas, Handsome Frank started with a conversation in the pub. We now represent 37 illustrators, spread across five continents and we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world.

Despite our growth over the years, we’re great believers in keeping things personal. We pride ourselves on building close relationships with our artists and we feel this benefits their creative output and collaborations with clients. Nothing pleases us more than matching the right artist with the right project.

In case you were wondering where the name came from, co-founders Jon and Tom are cousins and Frank was their grandfather. It felt like a fitting tribute to name the company after him and it echoes the ‘family’ feel we strive to keep with our agency.

Today we’re a close knit team of four, ready to dedicate our efforts (and ignore time zones) to make your project happen. We work predominantly with clients in advertising, design and publishing, but we’d love to hear from you whatever you do. If you'd like to discuss a project, however big or small, please get in touch.