Luis Mendo

Luis Mendo’s journey to becoming an illustrator, is perhaps not the typical tale. For a start, he had a successful 20-year career as an Art Director and magazine designer, before coming to a crossroads in life. Relocating from Amsterdam to Tokyo, a change of scenery brought with it a change in career and he began to explore illustration. Now, some seven years later, Luis tells us he’s still ‘learning everyday’ and wow, what a lot he’s learnt!

Describing his work as ‘digital analog’, the term alludes to its inherent tactile nature and warmth. His images often evoke positivity and exude a cheerful nature. Clever use of light and colour also exemplify his unique style and he often captures moments of serenity and calm in his images. It may have taken him a while to get here, but we’re looking forward to seeing where this illustration journey goes next.