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Luke McConkey Celebrates Copeland Park

by Cat at Handsome Frank, Featured Project

Colour in and create your own Copeland Park!

Black and white line drawing of Copeland Park and characters for colouring in, by Luke McConkey

If you're reading this, it's because you've seen what happens when you combine the joy of Luke McConkey's linework with the Peckham's most vibrant warehouse park.

Well now we want to see your own version!

Right click to save the image and print it out at home - or if you live locally you can swing by Social, Kanpai, Peckham Supply or the Copeland Park site office to get your own copy. There may even be some tiny pencils to go with it...

Don't forget to tag us @handsome_frank or send them into so we can see your own take on these iconic buildings and businesses.

Luke’s Folio

Luke McConkey
Luke McConkey illustration
Luke McConkey
Luke McConkey illustration

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