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Matt Saunders for Korev.

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When Korev needed an illustrator to capture the beauty of the Cornish coastline, Matt Saunders was the perfect person for the job.


When it comes to re-branding alcohol brands, Thirst Craft are experts in the field. So when they started working on a new brand design for the St Austell Brewery's Korev lager, they wanted to create something special.

The brewery is based in Cornwall (UK) and the beer was inspired by its 'surfers-paradise' shoreline which is a stones throw from the brewery. So it was decided that the coast line should be front and central to the brand, they just needed the right illustrator to capture it.

Step forward Matt Saunders, something of an expert when it comes to creating detailed images which do justice to the wonders of nature. Matt got to work on capturing the rugged coastline of Cornish beauty spot Purthcurno Beach, drawing by hand and scanning the huge drawings to create the required depth and detail in the illustration. The image then became central to the re-brand and used extensively across packaging, point of sale, advertising and merchandise.

Now out in the wild, we can't help but spot it every time we step in a pub ... and it always makes us thirsty. Cheers.

Korev OOH advertising

Korev Beer Pump

Korev Beer Mat

Korev Billboard

Matt’s Folio

Matt Saunders Illustration
Matt Saunders illustration
Matt Saunders illustration
Matt Saunders illustration

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