Jonathan Burton - 45 Jermyn St

As previously mentioned on this blog, we've been working with Otherway London helping create a beautiful new brand for Fortnum & Mason who have transformed and renamed their historic restaurant as 45 Jerymn Street. The brief demanded 'old-school glamour meets contemporary London' so who better to conjure up images from a golden age of glamour and exquisite dining than our very own Jonathan Burton.

As we learned from Otherway, Jermyn St. is renowned for its heritage in men’s fashion and the key figure in establishing this movement was a fine gent called Beau Brummell, he defined the street and his style and his attitude is still influencing it. So they posed the question to Jonathan, 'What would Beau be doing if he was alive today?'

Jonathan created six portraits of Beau, depicting his eccentric, stylish and forward thinking mentality but bringing it up to date. The wonderfully flamboyant illustrations will be used across the restaurant menus and elsewhere across the building.

Jonathan Burton’s portfolio