Siempre Playa - Malika Favre

“Siempre Playa” was a residency project curated by Futura design studio in Mexico city last june. The concept was simple : to send 4 illustrators, including our own Malika Favre, to Playa del Carmen for a week to get inspired and create a series of "carte blanche” works inspired by Mexico and the tropical coastline. 

Malika shared with us her thoughts on the trip and the experience: "What struck me first was the intensity of the colours around me and this incredible and luxurious vegetation and I immediately knew I wanted nature to have a role in my upcoming series. I spent a a week exploring my surroundings with the 3 other illustrators, Violeta, Kitty and Catalina but also Glenda was was documenting the trip. More than the place itself I decided to illustrate the human experience and to dedicate each piece to one of the girls I spent that week with."

The resulting work is a series of four tropical pieces, inspired by the places she saw and the things they did, but mostly as she describes them "the incredible women I met."

The prints are now available as limited edition prints here.

A Little Film About... Hey - Behind the Scenes

Last month film director Jérôme de Gerlache set about shooting his second film in our 'Little Film About...' series. Following on from his hugely successful film about Malika Favre, Jérôme's new subject was the Barcelona based design studio Hey. 

The resulting film is a gorgeously colourful affair in which founding partner Verònica Fuerte talks about her passions and design influences and reveals some of the secrets behind the studio's success. Here's some shoots from behind the scenes and you can watch the film here. A big thanks to Pascal Boudet for the excellent photos. 

Helen Musselwhite - Molton Brown Christmas

Christmas came early for paper craftswoman Helen Musselwhite when Molton Brown got in touch back in April to discuss their 2017 Christmas campaign. The design team at Molton Brown commissioned Helen to create a series of scenes, which included The Albert Hall, Regents Street and Piccadilly Circus. 

Helen works with a range of photographers and stylists and on this occasion Molton Brown hired their trusted still-life snapper Ben Edwards and stylist Bianca Zehra. The paper sets were transported down to London and captured during a week-long photo/video shoot. 

Molton Brown used the assets across print, POS and also created some beautiful window displays. We're all very happy with the end results. 

Malika Favre - New Yorker Cover (The Roughs)

Earlier this month Malika Favre had the honour of contributing her 5th New Yorker Cover (6th if you count the infamous unused Hillary). We thought it would be interesting to show some of her roughs and unused concepts and asked Malika to share her process: 

"A month ago Francoise Mouly, art director for the New Yorker covers, asked me to work on ideas for an upcoming issue about Women in the tech industry. The brief as always was very open but also became a real challenge as soon as I started researching the subject. I went through all the articles that came out lately about women’s sharing their experience working in the tech industry starting with Susan Fowler describing her time at Uber and software engineer James Damore’s shocking manifesto. The more I was reading, the more depressed I was getting about the gender gap in that industry and how archaic the whole situation was.

I was lucky enough in my career as a designer never to work in an environment but unfortunately I feel I was the exception rather than the rule. I started thinking about sexual harassment and more generally toxic environments for women but very quickly decided that what the worlds need right now it something positive and forward thinking rather than an image showing the current state of the industry. My previous NY cover about female surgeons was a prime example of the impact that a positive image can have on people out there.

So I started sketching various ideas, most of which were showing women as the central hero but always keeping a second layer of narrative. The woman with the AR glasses for example is shown almost as a superhero but also stands in an almost defensive position, the girl coder sitting in the dark in another sketch is at the centre of the story but the overall mood also conveys a slight feeling of loneliness. The last sketch I did was the one with the little girls playing hopskotch. I believe that the situation won’t be sorted for my generation but I have hope for the next generation of girls so I started sketching a hopeful future. I chose a game that was usually associated to girl’s and gave it a twist, a hidden story that would change his meaning and get the point across. Today more and more girls are learning how to code and I want to believe they will change the face of this industry."

Burton Snowboard design by Helen Musselwhite

Many of our client's work on projects well in advance of their release. In fact it's not uncommon for us to be working on a Christmas campaign in March or April, but when Burton snowboards approached us in 2015... 2018 seemed like a very long way away. Yet here we are in September 2017 and the Burton Women's Genie Snowboard for 2018 has just been released... featuring artwork by our very own paper magician Helen Musselwhite.

Helen was invited to design a board and jumped at the chance (excuse the pun). She created a gorgeously detailed woodland image on one side and hand-cut 'Burton' lettering for the reverse. As you'll see from her work in progress shots, the artwork was created at 'real board' size and features a wonderful sense of depth due to her intricate layered style. The boards are on sale now... all we need now is some snow.