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Whale illustrations by Sarah Maycock

Sarah has been having a whale of a time painting a broad spectrum of whales for the Natural History Museum's Whales: beneath the Surface exhibition. Dive in and have a scroll through. 

Natural History Museum Whale exhibition by Sarah Maycock

In the depths of winter 2016 Sarah Maycock and myself were invited to the Natural History Museum to discuss a new and exciting (top-secret) project. Ushered through a side door we gathered round a grand table in one of the many rooms of the museum that are closed off to the general public. Benji from Weidemann Lampe showed us some complex looking floor-plans, which were the initial thinkings of the 'Whales: Beneath the Surface' exhibition that opened it's door in July 2017. 

In the prevailing months Sarah was tasked with illustrating a long list of whales, ranging from the Blue Whale to species that are now extinct. Each painting had to go through a complex sign-off process involving specialist scientists at the Natural History Museum (aptly named Dr. Frank Fish) to make sure they were anatomically correct and of course various members of the design teams to make sure they looked the best they could. 

Benji Weidemann, Design Director at Weidemann Lampe told me the paintings were an important part of the exhibition as it allowed a deeper level of engagement for the thousands of people that will meander through the exhibition space over the coming months. His team have done a stellar job of creating an immersive exhibition that captures all your senses. Well done! 

Sarah Maycock- 21 Young Street

Creative agency Pollitt & Partners were commissioned to create a monograph for a new residential development called 21 Young Street. The monograph featured interviews with recognisable people who live and work in Kensington. After a little bit of research online, the designers on the project stumbled across Sarah Maycock’s distinctive, illustrated portraits and commissioned her to create a set of 12 portraits for the monograph along with some illustrations of locations that were featured. Her sweeping, inked style added a touch of warmth and luxury to an already stylish brief.

Sarah Maycock – Spring time at William & Son

With Spring upon us William & Son wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate it's arrival through some beautiful artwork and animation for their website and social channels. With a little help from Material Organisation, Sarah Maycock and a friend of Frank's we were able to make this request a reality by transforming their flagship store in London into a visual epitome of the season. 

You'll be able to see some of the isolated assets from Sarah by clicking through the images but be sure to check out the full animation on William & Son's website and a reformatted version on our Instagram feed.

Happy Spring!

Five 5's for our 5th Birthday

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram you'll probably know that we celebrated our 5th birthday yesterday and to mark the occasion Hey studio created an awesome 5 print for us.

What we hadn't expected was an impromtu outpouring of birthday love from some of our other artists and before we knew it more 5's were flying in from Hastings, Manchester, Berlin and Tokyo. So thanks to Helen Musselwhite, Sarah Maycock, Martina Flor and Andrew Joyce for getting involved. We love our five 5's