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Character illustrations by Stephen Cheetham

Stephen Cheetham is no stranger to stranger to illustrating characters in his signature vector style. Over the years he's created hundreds of different characters, including some familiar faces - The Beatles, Superman, Mary Poppins and our namesake, Frank. 

Wanting to freshen things up Stephen has been working on a new character style so clients have more of a choice when commissioning him. We hope you like them. 

Orange Annual Report – Stephen Cheetham

The words “annual report” don’t often stir feelings of fun and excitement, but to illustrate those long pages of facts, figures and stats and make them readable is an incredibly important task. The guys over at Orange decided they wanted Stephen Cheetham to use his cheeky, charismatic drawings to bring life to their annual report. And you know what, they genuinely ended up looking rather appealing once he was finished. Nice one, Stephen.

HF Advent Calendar - 18th December

Behind the door of day 18 is this happy fellow from Stephen Cheetham. He's pretty good at this character business, wouldn't you say?

Stephen Cheetham Uniqlo Omiyage t-shirts

Earlier this year an agency in Tokyo got in touch about Stephen Cheetham illustrating a range of t-shirts for Uniqlo. Each one would represent a city and Stephen was allowed free-reign to choose the visual references that best depicted that place.

Stephen Cheetham - Contagious Magazine

A recent article based on ‘contextual integration’ from Contagious magazine needed the touch of Stephen Cheetham to show how brands are using media to connect with their customers.Stephen’s style was perfect to get the message across succinctly in these three eye catching illustrations.