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A Little Film About... Tim McDonagh BTS

Here's a look behind the scenes during of Tim McDonagh's Handsome Frank artist video, A Little Film About... This exciting, intriguing and somewhat bizarre film was the brain-child of PAL Productions. Here's what they had to say on their thoughts on the filmmaking process: 

Making a film about Tim was a dream come true. Who wouldn't love his work? Detail like no other and really dark - you know the kind of darkness you always hope to stumble upon as an filmmaker. After a couple of rough years filming conferences I really thought this might be the break I needed. Unfortunately, I had some creative differences with the client. They couldn’t see my vision. I had all but abandoned the project when my editor, Gareth, gave me an urgent call and showed me this mysterious figure lurking in the background of all of the shots. I knew it was my duty as a documentarian to return to Brighton and find out who this person was. To deliver the truth. 

Was it scary? No. Not for me. As Werner Herzog says, “I’m simply not afraid. It’s not in my dictionary of behaviour”. The shoot was fraught with highs, lows and moral conundrums as to the ethics of documentary filmmaking. Should I intervene or not? I hope my audience is happy with the decision I made. I am currently looking to raise funds to return to Tim every five years and see how the relationship at the heart of this tale blossoms. Please look out for the Kickstarter. Dyfan Roberts.

View the film here

Photography by: Tom Robinson

Star Wars Galactic Atlas – Tim McDonagh

From a galaxy far, far away to a beautifully-illustrated book near you….this was definitely one of those projects that was difficult to keep a secret, especially as it began unfolding in such a magnificent way. This year, we managed to land our very own resident Star Wars fantastic Tim McDonagh the brief of his dreams: to illustrate an entire Star Wars book. Excited as he was, he understood that this was no small undertaking, and quickly got to work on a project that ended up being incredibly detailed and laborious. After supplying a detailed sample to the client (Egmont) and getting the go-ahead, Tim spent around a year working on various maps, all your favourite characters and the additional promo material for the book. When you look at the immense level of detail on every page you’ll see why it took so long to get everything together. The finished work was so well received that it was even given it’s own trailer!

All artwork © and TM 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Tim McDonagh - Variety

Covering this month's Variety front cover in pure illustration glory is our Tim McDonagh. Having commissioned him before Variety were keen to get the inky magician working on this issue. Tim's work was liked so much he was also asked to do the inside spread which accompanies the main story on Tom Rothman and his vision for the new Sony pictures after the hacking scandal back towards the end of last year.

Tim McDonagh - The Atlantic

A dark article in The Atlantic required the steady hand of Tim McDonagh, who's well known for his moody and poignant illustrations. Tim pencil sketches his work then uses a dip-pen for the line work. It's then scanned in and coloured digitally.

Tim McDonagh - Faber