Malika Favre - On The Draw

Malika Favre recently landed something of a dream brief from the Canary Islands Tourist Board. Along with six other illustrators, she was chosen to travel to the islands and to create artwork inspired by the trip.The project, On the Draw, was curated by the Tenerife based design studio 28ymedio to help promote tourism to the area. Malika was assigned the island of Fuerteventura and simply asked to explore the island and create artwork inspired by it.She set about documenting the island through a series of photographs and then looked for common themes that define the island. Geometry, plain colours, accented volumes and shadows, movement and stillness, happy solitude were the overriding themes she discovered. Using the photos as inspiration she created this beautiful set of illustrated images.Quite frankly they make us want to down tools immediately and jump on the next flight. Job done for the tourist board then! 
Malika Favre’s portfolio