Teaching Tolerance- MaricorMaricar

We’re always excited to see just how far MaricorMaricar can push their incomparable stitching and embroidery skills. Together they have the ability to actually tell stories through thread and needle and never like to turn down a challenge. The pair were asked to help illustrate an article in a magazine called Ask Teaching Tolerance and depict reactions to a questions from English language learners and their skin colour. The magazine feature focuses on a teacher who wanted advice on how to intervene in situations where students from various races sometimes used words that depreciated themselves or others for having darker skin. By working closely with the editorial team it was decided that a colourful, patterned patchwork globe could show the global scope of the situation/question with bright and vibrant world. MaricorMaricar came up with a few different approaches but settled with the flat atlas version that you see here.

MaricorMaricar’s portfolio