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Paul Blow – The English Blinds Company

This project is truly fantastic. The English Blinds company asked customers to divulge some of the strangest things they had ever caught a glimpse of through a window. Some of the results were hilarious, including: “The best thing I’ve ever seen through a window was when I saw a lady weighing a single boob on a set of kitchen scales. Not sure what recipe it was for!” and “My neighbour is a bit of an eccentric man. I always knew he kept owls, but I didn’t know they lived in his house with him until I spotted him eating breakfast one morning with a large owl perched on top of his head.” The company enlisted the skills of illustrator Paul Blow to bring these strange stories to life, and we think you’ll agree the results are absolutely charming.

The Household Spirit

Adorning the front of the new Jonathan Cape novel titled 'The Household Spirit' is none other than HF's Paul Blow.Paul's strong colour palettes and infamous mark making were what got the attention of Random House who were looking to employ these techniques to formally introduce us to two characters called Howie Jeffries and Emily Phane. The pair live side by side in adjoining houses but without any contact with each other for decades, it's only when tragedy trikes that they are brought together to face a number of their issues. In doing so they learn about fishing, true love, bad art, fatherhood, grandfatherhood, psychedelic drugs, loss and what it means to be happy.Sounds like quite the journey!

Paul Blow - VH1

We are big music fans here at HF which makes this project by Paul Blow for VH1 even more of a pleasure to bring you. Paul was asked to create the visuals for a new animated short for titled "The Complete History of Heavy Metal: Fingers Bloody Fingers" which tells the amazing story of the one and only Toni Iommi.This instalment sees Paul's wonderful mark making brought to life by animator Kee Koo as the infamous guitar player explains how he made the best out of a bad situation. Be sure to see the short here - fun fact: Did you know Tony's middle name is FRANK?

Jonathan Burton & Paul Blow - Nautilus

Now is the time to be checking your piggy banks as Jonathan Burton and Paul Blow each have a beautiful screen print  released through Nautilus later today.Both artists were asked to create a poster that helps form a series of four on cineaste François Truffaut. Jonathan took on the film Le Dernier Métro and Paul gave his rendition of Les 400 Coups. Magnifique!Make sure to find out what time the limited edition prints go on sale near you by checking the Nautilus website and Facebook page.

Paul Blow - IdN Cover

Here at HF towers we've always seen Paul Blow as a cover star and it seems IdN (International Designers Network) magazine share our opinion,  as they've splashed his work right across their latest issue.The issue takes a look at what it calls the 'New Faces of Inspiration' and states boldly on the cover that "Editorial illustration is more than just an added extra to give a page of dense type eye-appeal — it can actually add significantly to the interpretation of a story". We couldn't agree more.Paul is one of ten artists who's work is profiled inside the magazine and he's even shared a few 'trade secrets'.  The issue is on sale now.