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Viajes el Corte Ingles by Thomas Danthony

A stunning new campaign by Thomas Danthony sees El Corte Inglés using illustration to promote their sixty plus cruise holidays. It’s so refreshing to see older people portrayed in a glamorous way and illustration was a bold choice by the client, which really paid off. Thomas did a wonderful job of evoking the classic era of travel posters and portraying stylish senior citizens.

Thomas Danthony - Freedom Beer Project

We're proud to show off Thomas Danthony's new work for the Freedom Beer Project. All hand painted gouache on paper, a series of 3 that are completely unique, Danthony created a custom technique derived from 19th century stencil art reproduction to paint them. This process allows the image to be reproduced three times only, before the stencil is destroyed. 

Thomas Danthony- Treatwell

Online beauty treatment and cosmetics site Treatwell has truly made a name for itself this year. Their 2016 relaunch that saw an overhaul of its name and branding called for some expert artwork to add an extra oomph-factor to the announcement. Treatwell commissioned Studio Art & Commerce to create a series of striking, minimalist adverts with the help of Thomas Danthony. The images he created were bold illustrations of appropriate beauty cosmetics and tools such as wax kits, nail polish and brushes, stripped back to their core, recognisable shapes. The campaign was plastered across buses and billboards all over the capital and – due to Thomas’ bold style – really stood out and caught the attention of the general public.

Thomas Danthony - Voyage

We're super excited to announce that Thomas Danthony's new exhibition opens tonight at Sergeant Paper, Paris. Titled Voyage, the show explores the act of travelling, one of the main sources of inspiration behind Thomas' work. 

Thomas, who usually works in Photoshop, has created twelve gouache paintings (A4 sized) for the show.

"I wanted to transfer my computer process to paper. I used to do a lot of stencil (with spray paint) when studying design. So I started exploring and reading again about stencil and discovered an old book from 1925 called Traité d'enluminure d'art au pochoir, par Jean Saudé. I discovered that stencil were used in the 19th century to reproduce art in book (it was before screen print was invented) and loved the idea to do stencil with gouache. I decided to start from there and experiment to modernise and find my own technique. I worked on it on and off for months.  I think my technique is somewhere between stencil and estampe. It is very time consuming but I love it."

Voyage opens tonight at Sergeant Paper and as well as the original paintings, he's showing 12 digital prints (the same designs but printed 50 x 70 cm) and unveiling a very special window display. He has also produced a small postcard book as a catalogue for the show.

Thomas Danthony – Road Safety Scotland

Summertime is finally here folks, time to let the good times roll. But whilst the lighter evenings and warmer weather bring us all together more, they also lead to an increase in drink driving cases. Road Safety Scotland is a Government organisation committed to reducing road casualties north of the border they've teamed up with our own Thomas Danthony to bring home the message this year.

Thomas was approached by Edinburgh based created agency Leith and asked to create a series of posters for the new campaign. Drawing inspiration from classic 1930's French Riviera prints, Thomas was tasked with bringing glamour and sunshine to serious scenarios like being breathalyzed, pulled over by the police and spending a night in the cells. The results are stunning and really help hammer home an important message.